EDV Inspection

EDV Autoclave Port Medium Pressure Inspection Kit, this comprises of the full range of Medium Pressure calibrated inspection plugs.

The initial successes of EDV autoclave tooling lead us to simplifying the inspection process for our customers, providing them with a quick, easy to use and effective inspection method.


  • Inspect feature on machine whilst the component is held in place
  • Autoclave Features can be checked in any orientation on the machine
  • It brings about consistency and improves quality levels that can be maintained from the machining process through to the end user
  • Next Day Delivery
  • Process can be duplicated for the inspection of any port detail as required by our customers

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  • Countersinks
  • Endmill 3
  • Endmill 6
  • Fullset2
  • Standard-Reamer-End-Mill
  • TDR_2750Full-Edit
  • repair-kit-600