EDV Port Repair and Inspection Kit

The newest addition to our range of products is our EDV Port Repair and Inspection Kit “Patent Pending”.
Natural progression saw us develop a cleaner, faster and more effective way to remanufacture damaged port details.
Our new Port Repair Kit repairs damage to seat sealing faces, wherever and at whatever stage of a components life. It can also be used as a finishing operation to ensure a quality seal face.


  • Repairs component to its original specification
  • Downtime is dramatically reduced from days to minutes
  • No power is required for those remote locations
  • It is environmentally sound, and easy to clean out with its water based solution
  • No risk of cross contamination onto component material
  • Next Day Delivery
  • This whole process that we have now standardised for Autoclave Port and Jam Port details can be duplicated for any port detail as required by our customers

Port Repair and Inspection Kits currently stocked by EDV:
Autoclave Medium Pressure   Jam Port
1/4"  1/4"

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  • Countersinks
  • Endmill 3
  • Endmill 6
  • Fullset2
  • Standard-Reamer-End-Mill
  • TDR_2750Full-Edit
  • repair-kit-600