EDV Standard Tooling

Having overviewed many of the common manufacturing processes within Aberdeen Oil and Gas companies we conceived our EDV range of carbide tools to offer a dedicated service to this sector.

EDV Standard Range of Autoclave Tooling offers a guaranteed “One Hit” process for the machining of Medium and High Pressure Autoclave Ports


  • All machined features of the Autoclave are contained in one tool
  • Setting and cycle times reduced
  • Next Day Delivery

Port Tooling currently stocked by EDV

  • Autoclave One Hit Tooling
  • JAM One Hit Tooling
  • AN/JIC One Hit Tooling
  • SAE 37 One Hit Tooling
  • SAE 45 One Hit Tooling
  • (Full range of sizes available)
EDV has been able to greatly improve existing common machining processes through the design of single action tooling, replacing current multiple tool processes.   

If individual machining tasks require a variety of tools to achieve quality results, then EDV could hold the key through advanced "One Tool Technology".

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  • Countersinks
  • Endmill 3
  • Endmill 6
  • Fullset2
  • Standard-Reamer-End-Mill
  • TDR_2750Full-Edit
  • repair-kit-600